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Holland Custom Floors sells and installs all types of tile to meet the specific needs of its cutomers. Whether it is for a kitchen, countertop, bathroom, or outiside your home, we have the right product for any of your custom flooring needs.

Benefits of Tile:

Scratch Resistant and Durable - tile is very hard and extremely resistant to scratching and wear making it a perfect application for those high traffic areas of your home. No more replacing the carpet every few years because of wear and tear.

Easily Maintained - tile is resistant to dirts, stains, odors, scratching and those dreaded pet accidents. It is easily cleaned by mopping with water or even houshold cleaners. The low maintenance and long life of tile make it perfect for the interior of your home.

Beautiful and Functional - tiles can be used for almost any application imaginable in your home. They are functional, durable, and beautiful. There are a limitless number of possibilities to how your home can be tiled, from different colors, sizes, styles, shapes, textures and patterns.


Come visit our showroom to see the many different styles of tile that we have available for you home or visit our Tile Gallery to get a few ideas about some of the work we have done in the past.

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