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Holland Custom Concrete specializes in installing decorative concrete on both new and old construction concrete floors.

Old construction concrete floors are those in which the concrete was previously covered by some other type of flooring, such as carpet, wood, vinyl, tile, laminate, etc. It also includes floors that have been left exposed for a considerable period of time, such as a patio, garage floor, etc.

New construction concrete floors are those that have never been covered by any type of flooring and were recently poured, or were poured sometime ago, but were substantially protected.

We refer to installation of decorative concrete over old concrete floors as a Remodel Project.

Many customers have seen decorative concrete remodel projects and love the character created by existing surface variations in the concrete or variations in color as the stain takes to different areas of the floor. Some of the best stained floors are remodel projects. Old concrete floors add unique character and, together with the appropriate home décor, bring a room to life.

Other customers would prefer that their remodel project resemble new construction concrete. Because of existing variations in the concrete floor, it cannot! If you want your remodel project to resemble ceramic tile, then a Remodel Project is not for you!

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