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Thank you for your interest in Holland. We are confident to say you have found the best in the business. Holland's roots go back to the late 40's. My grandfather, Odell Tolman, came to Texas in 1949 and started a family owned and operated floor company. He began the with the most common floors. Soon after, he began the application of concrete staining (becoming one of the first companies to stain concrete in the country). He later formed other companies and today, Holland (a company family owned and operated) brings the beauty and elegance of Decorative Floors and Countertops.

We are family-owned and operated. Our home office is located in Rockwall, Texas; however, we service the entire DFW Metroplex. We are a company that is made up of honesty, integrity, experience, and style.

Concrete floors & countertops have become very popular throughout the years. Decorative Concrete are for those who are looking to be unique, yet have something so beautiful that everyone wants to have it. Decorative Concrete can be made to resemble marble , Granite, stone, and even an old rustic appearance. It will enhance the beauty of any home or business. Concrete scoring, staining and fabricating is an art and our experts are truly artists. We use nothing but the best stain, and even acid-based stain that will etch an eighth of an inch into the concrete reacting with the calcium of the concrete and ensuring that the color will last the life of the floor. The stain produces a chemical reaction to change the concrete to the desired color.

You will experience nothing but complete satisfaction with our company. We do both commercial and residential work and also new and old. We have put our product in the most luxurious homes from professional athletes to musicians to your every day person. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with our professionals please call our office @ 214.771.6129. 

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Holland Custom Floors